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Our Royal Family

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The Countessa
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Highlights

Last year at this time I couldn't wait for 2009 to come to an end.  This time I'm feeling very nostalgic for 2010. 

Take a walk with me down memory lane as I recall highlights of 2010...

My girls in their dance recital in January.

The Duchess turned 7.

Building the bike jump with Daddy.

The Cub Scout Pine Car Derby.

My Boys baseball games.

Watching Cousin T's baseball games.

Allergy season.

Coloring Easter Eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt.

Decorating Easter cookies.

Target shooting with the BB gun

The Slip and Slide

The Contessas Girl Scout Ice Cream Party.

Hubby making his own decoys

Little League Day at AT&T Park with the SF Giants

The Princess spends 4 days in the hospital bravely fighting bacterial phnuemonia

The Princess (with her two best friends) graduates from preschool.

The County Fair

The 4th of July Parade


Fireworks at Uncie T's

The Princess and her guitar.

The girls mastered the art of making friendship braclets.

Giving The Pooch a bath

Our family trip to the river.

Girl Scout Camp

2010 Football season

Family bike rides.

Walks along the old railroad tracks.

The Pooch finally mellows

Sisterly bonding

The Princess turns 6

The Princess has her very first slumber party

The SF Giants win the World Series


SF Giants day at school

Countless hours of dress-up

Playing on the roof


Grammie was the Mystery Reader in the twins 3rd grade class

The Contessa and My Boy turn 9

Mommy dropped The Contessa and My Boys birthday cake on the kitchen floor!

The Christmas House

Going to the Nutcracker Ballet with Grandma

The Contessas slumber party
My Boy's slumber party

Pillow Fight!!!

Lunar Eclipse

Decorating Gingerbread Men Cookies

Riding Sleugh

Riding Lesson with Auntie Lis


I hope your 2010 was as memorable as ours and here's to hoping 2011 is even better!!