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Our Royal Family

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tag Tuesday

I came across this fun game of "tag" here and decided to join the fun and spread the word.  You can visit Adventures of A Military Family of 8 to get the rules on how to join and play along.
I'm off to "tag" Hope you join in!!

Tag You’re It (from MilitaryFamof8)
If you don’t know what “Tag, you’re it!” or “Tag Tuesday”
is, simply put, it’s a game of Tag
You “Tag” your new friends and they “Tag” you as well.
(instead of leaving “following from…” comments which is what prompted me to start “Tag”
since I heard many friends say they didn’t like how impersonal that sounded)

The Special “quality” about “Tag, you’re it” is that through this game,
you can post the url’s to your blog, twitter, facebook, networkedblogs, Etsy store, links to voting pages that you are in, contest/giveaway pages and anywhere else you want followers in
Today is Tuesday, New blank list goes up,
The Rules to playing “Tag, you’re it” are simple:
add your information to the spreadsheet
“Tag” everyone else above you on the list

Check back regularly to “Tag” new friends below you (list is open all week)
“Tag” back everyone who has “Tagged” you (remember to add or follow in addition to leaving the Tag comment)
One thing I do have to bring up, PLEASE be kind and do not erase or change peoples information, I occasionally have to fix url’s
Here is the Spreadsheet
Also, if you can, help promote the word
The more people know about Tag Tuesday,
the more people will Tag you
here is the link to this page:
I included the link in case you want to post on twitter or anywhere else & need a shorter link

Finding direction....

I started this blog several months ago for reasons I'm still not sure of. LOL!  I felt, at the time, it would be a nice way to share ideas and tips with fellow "mommy bloggers."  However, lately I feel like my blog has no direction.  As my title states I dabble in a little of this, a little of that and a lot of everything.  It's hard for me to decide on one thing to focus on.

I read a lot of various types of blogs....funny blogs, mommy blogs, homeschool blogs, cooking blogs, scrapbook blogs, photography blogs, organization blogs.....and when I think of how my blog fits into any of those catagories I can't say it fits soley into one over another.  I guess I just have too many things I would like to share!!

So, I guess what I'm saying is this blog is about all of the things that interest me and the things I find joy in.  You can be assured that reading this blog you will read about any of the following on any given day with no rhyme or reason......
*All of my life's "Mommy Moments"...you know the moments when you think to yourself   "Are these MY children??!!"
*How I organize and stay organized with 4 kids, a wild dog, and a busy self-employeed husband.
*My attemps at photography and cooking.
*Anything scrapbooking related
* homeschooling finds (I don't homeschool, but I do LOTS of homeschool activities with my kids to enhance their public school curriculm.)
*And pretty much anything else I feel like writing about!

Ultimatley, my blog is about This, That & Everything! I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Children really are immune to the cold!

A few weeks ago we had several days of rain and generally cold weather.  Now I spent most of my days inside, nice and warm, currled up with a good book.  My children however...............
They put on swim suits and headed outside to enjoy the rain!!

 They were singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas!"

After several minutes of taking pictures and listening to the lovely chirstams carols, My husband thought it would be even funnier to watch them all fight over ONE towel!

With four kiddies, there's never a dull moment!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scrapbook Storage Binders

These are my "Fun Binders" These are mostly used for scrapbooking and photography.

First I have my Magazine Control Binder. Another confession....I'm a magazine junkie!! This is a binder I use to temporarily house the pages I tear out of the many, many magazines I read. I say temporaily because the items regularly get moved to other more topic specific binders.

My first topic specific binder is my Scrapbook Layout Idea binder. This binder is for all the layouts I tear out of scrapbook magazines. I have this binder broken down by the number of photos featured on each layout...(1-16+).

Next is my Photography Binder. This is for all the photography related tips and articles I tear out of magazines or print off the internet.

Then I have my Scrapbook tip & Techniques Binder. This is for all the fun little ideas I find I would like to try.

Then I have my Kids Craft Binder. This is for all those little activities I come across to try with the kids.

I have several other binders I use to store various scrapbooking supplies and items like acrylic stamps, flowers, Cricut cartridges ect.

Monday, March 22, 2010

And so our journey begins.............

As a parent there are things in life I had hoped my children would never have to face.  My fears have strictly based on my personal experiences in life, so when my son had to start wearing glasses at the age of 18 months, I cried.  I wore glasses as a child and I know how cruel other kids can be to a child wearing glasses.  I experienced the teasing and never wanted that for any of my children.

And now, today marks another fear realized.  My son most likely has dyslexia and today we have begun our battle with the school district to get him the help he needs.  Now I say "most likely" has dyslexia because he has not officially been tested.  That is something my husband and I will have to have done on a private basis, the school district does not even recognize Dyslexia as a learning disability!!  I know only too well that it IS a learning disabilty!!  I have a sister with Dyslexia and have watched her struggle throughout her life.  I never wanted that for any of my children!!

So, today I submit my letter of request for assessment and my school district has 15 days to respond to my request.  They can deny, but they have to have strong reasons for denial, which if by doing so they would have to flat out lie about his abilities.  My son is 8years old and reads at a 5year old level! 

Please wish us luck as we begin to travel the frustrating and looooong road ahead.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Looks can be deceiving!

Look at that sweet face, isn't she just precious!!

She has a flare for fashion.....

She's kind to animals.............

She makes us laugh daily.....

All this I must remember!!!

Looks CAN be deceiving!!!

Breathe, mommy, breathe!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things that make me smile

Here are a few things that are making me smile today..

Cupcakes I made for the Duchess Birthday

My Girlies!!

Colorful tutus!

Fake mustaches!

Face paint

This child!!!!

And this child!!

And this man!

What's making you smile today?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday!

This is my first time participating in Not Me Monday!  You can join in the fun too, visit McMama to play along.

Here are my list of things I did not do over the past week...

I did not make a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies just so I could eat the dough...Nope not me!

I did not look at The Princesses filthy dirty feet last night and say..."Oh, that's fine you can take a bath in the morning!" and then put her to bed....Nope not me!

I did not forget about a load of laundry in the washing machine for 3 days!  Nope that certainly was not me!

I did not laugh hysterically at a news report about owls swooping down and grabbing chihuahuas in a local town. Nope not me!

I did not make a finacial blunder causing our checking account to become overdrawn.  Nope that was not me!  Sometimes people do pay their mortgage twice right?  Right!

I did not tell The Contessa she was dreaming when she saw me go in her room to deliver tooth fairy money.  Nope not me!

I did not tell my son he couldn't have a pet lizard, using our dog as the reason, and not the fact that they creep me out.  Nope not me!

Friend Makin' Monday

Go to aefilkins to join the fun and make new friends!

I am....at peace.

I think....every cloud has a silver lining.

I should...be folding laundry.
I dream....every night.  Makes for very restless sleep at times.
I want....enough money to go to Europe this September on a family girls trip with my sisters.  London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome...14 days...PLEASE!!!!!

I know...everything will be OK.

I don't like....bananas!  NASTY!!!

I smell...like vanilla.

I hear....Regis & Kelly.

I fear....being lonely.

I usually...take a HOT shower to relax at night.

I search...genealogy sites for long lost ancestors.

I miss....my first dog, Adeline everyday.  She was my first baby.  She was given to me by my Mom on my 17th birthday.  She passed away at the age of 16.....that was 5 years ago and I still miss her everyday!

I always...drink milk with dinner.

I regret....not having a better relationship with my Stepdad while he was alive.

I wonder....what the day will bring.

I crave....SALT!!

I remember...everything.  I have a REALLY good memory and can recall, in detail, events that took place when I was barely 2years old.

I need.....a housecleaner.

I forget....very little unfortunatly!  There are alot of things I wish I could forget!

I feel....blessed.

I can....do anything I set my mind to.

I can't....dwell on the bad stuff.

I am happy....in my life!

I lose.....my sunglasses frequently.

I sing....very loudly in the car, even when I'm not alone!

I listen...to country musice 90% of the time and classic rock 10% of the time.

I shop.....way to often.............Hello, my name is Hillary and I'm a shopaholic!

I eat....all the wrong things.
I love.....my family & friends.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recipe and Shopping Guide Binders

I love trying new recipes and frequently tear recipes out of magazines and print from online sources. I rarely use a store bought cookbook. But with all of those pieces of paper I needed to find them a home. What better then a BINDER!!!

First let's talk about my Recipe Binder. Here I put all the recipes I tear out of magazines or print off the internet. I keep a calendar at the front for monthly menu planning and I have a section for meal ideas. The recipes themselves are sorted into the following catagories: Main Dish, Side Dish, Breakfast, Baking. Each recipe is slipped into a sheet protector.

Next I have my Price Guide Binder. This is a handy tool when planning my weekly shopping trip. To be honest this has taken me some time to build, but is worth every minute spent.

This binder is divided into the following catagories: Fresh Fruit, Fresh Veggies,Breads, Dairy, Condaments,Can Fruit, Can Veggies,Can Food, Box Food, Pasta/Rice, Meat, Cereal, Frozen Food, Baking, Beverages, Paper Goods, Toiletres, Cleaning, and Snack foods.

At the front of this binder is a zipper pouch that holds reciepts I need to go over. I have a printed "Cheat Sheet" at the front that list the abreviations I use for each store; LK for Lucky, SW for Safeway ect.

In each section I have a sheet for each food item. On the sheet I list the size of the item, the store abreviation and the price. So for example I buy Jar Applesauce so on that sheet I have noted that a 47.8oz jar of TreeTop cost $3.99 at Safeway and $3.49 at Lucky. This helps me to try and save as much as possible on my weekly shopping runs because I ALWAYS compare the listed price with the sale adds.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I've been reading this blog for awhile and decided to join the 5 Questions Friday. 

My Little Life

Here are the questions for today...

1. How much time do you spend on the computer a day?  Maybe an hour, sometimes alittle more.  It really depends on wat's going on in my real life that day.

2. Will you pay for your children's college or raise them to pay for their own way? Just this last fall Hubby and I opened 529 College Funds for each of our kids. 

3. Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes, Three.  My mom and I were hit at low speed when a car was backing out of there driveway and didn't see us; no one was hurt.  Another one when I was 7 or 8 we were in an accident on the freeway.  The car infront of us ran out of gas and we hit it an da car hit us from behind.  No one was seriously hurt, aside from my aunt splitting her lip open. And the last was when I was in my early 20's I was rearended at a high rate of speed when I was at a dead stop at a red light.  I ended up with severe whip-lash.

4. What is your favorite book?  I LOVE the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

5. Do you make your bed everyday? I attempt to.  I'd say it actaully gets done 4 out of 7 days.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Cookies are taking over my life........Girl Scout Cookies that is.  I am the "Cookie Mom" for two, yes TWO girl scout troops, so currently I have CASES and CASES of cookies in my garage.  I (heart) Girl Scout cookies!

2. I'm really, really tired of our crazy weather........Saturday HOT, Sunday warm but windy, Monday HAIL, Tuesday FREEZING and WINDY!!!

3. For two nights in a row my son has slept on my bedroom floor.  He's afraid sharks will eat him if he stays in his bed.........hmmmmm, it's a mystery to me as to HOW sharks will arrive in his bedroom, but if he wants to sleep on my hardwood floor, Okeydoughkey.

4. It is currently 5pm and I have no idea what I'm making for dinner.

5.  I am on to my second round of Amish Friendship Bread.  This stuff is YUMMY!!!

6. What do you say to a close relative that has recently had a stillborn and tells you she WANTS to talk about it.  I know listening is best, but I feel so sad and helpless.

7. I have a family reunion to attend this weekend.  This is the side of the family I see only once a year and always feel awkward going in.  Each year I think I won't feel so awkward, but as I approach the door it hits every time!

8.  Baseball season is upon us and we will be spending MANY days at the ball field.  My son is on a great team this year and is very happy to have his Daddy as one of his coaches.

9.  My washing machine just bit the dust, and by JUST I mean JUST NOW as I was typing this!!!  Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.  Don't worry, Be Happy! :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Forever altered.....

For the past several months I have been reading this blog.  In recent days she has been blogging about her trip to Kenya.  I encourage everyone to visit her blog.  I am forever altered by what she is writing and showing us through her amazing photographs and her from the heart comments.

By reading her post I have realized how much I have and how little I appreciate it!  I'm ashamed to admit that, but it's the God's honest truth.  I will be continuing to follow her journey in Kenya and in hopes of doing so I will be able to change my thought patterns FOREVER and learn to appreciate how wonderful my life truly is!  Thank You McMamma for opening my eyes!   

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Design Style--FMM

Join Friend Making Mondays hosted by Amber at aefilkins.

This weeks topc...................What is your design style?

According to Sproost my design style is.....
50% Wine Country Style

50% Mountain Lodge Style
I must say..........100% accurate!

I love dark warm tones.

My only wish is that my home looked like these!!!!!!!!!