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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living The Busy Life and trying to find TIME for it all!!!

The kids have all returned to school for another year of learning!!  I am now the proud Mama to 2 Third Graders, a Second Grader and a Kindergartner!!  The kids are all very happy with their assigned teachers, as am I.  My Boy and The Countessa actually looped up with their second grade teacher, who we absolutly loved, so we are very pleased to now have her for third grade!
We have had a few bumps with getting into the groove of doing homework each night, but each day they get a little less resistant.
I am several weeks into the college scene and so far my only complaint is being the oldest person in each of my classes!  I guess that's what OI get for taking day-time classes rather then night courses. 
In my English class yesterday I met a young girl who it turns out is the cousin of one of my former roommates back in the mid-90's.  Her exact words to me about him were "I don't talk to him much, he's MUCH older then I am!"  Can you say...OUCH!  He's my age!
I'm really loving my history course!  I'm actually considering a History Major and pursueing a History Teacher credential.  The only hesitation I have on that is it would put me teaching ages 13-18....I don't particularly care for that age group when it comes to teaching them.  I'm still leaning heavily on an Elementary School credential....grades 2 or 3.  We'll see.  I have 4 more classes I need to take before I can enroll in the credentials program, so I have time to webble-wobble on my choise.

My Boy is in the full swing of football.  He is currently a corner-back on starting defense, but his coach his considering moving him to a running-back on offense because he is the 3rd fastest kid on the team.  I'm torn on this.  right know he is in a relatively "safe" position...meaning he is less likely to gewt hurt.  Becoming a running-back will put him in a much more dangerous position....after all he's the kid the other team is going to try and take down!!!  
So far his team is undefeated.  Last weekend we went up against a team that everyone felt was much better prepared then us.....we won 28 to 7!!!!!  This wasn't just luck either!  Our team rocked it!!!!

With school and football and dance with the girls my poor blog has had to take a backseat the last few weeks.  I'm hoping that things, our I, get settled and into a better grove allowing more time for all the "extra" stuff I want to do...my blog being just one of those extras. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Easy Egg Baskets

I made these English Muffin Egg Baskets this morning and they were SUPER easy, and REALLY yummy!!!  My kids devoured them!!!  Even The Princess who HATES bread!!

Ingredients You'll need:
English muffins of any flavor (our regular bread works too)
butter flavor cooking spray

Tools You'll Need:
2 rimmed cookie sheets
aluminum foil
circle cookie or biscuit cutter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Line one cookie sheet with foil
Cut bacon into small pieces and lay in a single layer on foil lined cookie sheet
Using cookie cutter, cut centers from english muffin or bread.
butter the cut pieces of english muffin or bread
Spray second cookie sheet with butter flavor cooking spray
place english muffin or bread pieces on sprayed cookie sheet
place both cookie sheets in preheated oven
after about 1-2 minutes remove cookie sheet containing muffins/bread
Crack one egg into the center of each muffin/bread piece
return cookie sheet with eggs to oven
cook until whites of egg are no longer clear, but remain shiny about 5 minutes (over-easy eggs)
watch bacon for desired doneness (5 minutes will make for crispy bacon)
remove bacon and egg baskets from oven
Place bacon on a paper towel to remove grease
Use toasted muffin/bread centers for dipping

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting to know YOU

Join MannLann5 for another week of Getting To Know You Sunday

1. Do you think mustaches are sexy?  That depends, some yes, some NO.  I think it also depends on whos face it's on.

2. What's the last concert you've been to?  Don't laugh.................George Michael circa 1988, before the bathroom bust.  I don't get out much!! :-)

3 What was your favorite 80's sitcom?  I loved, loved, LOVED The Wonder YEars.

4. Were you named after anyone?  Yes.  My parents had choosen a boy name, but hadn't agreed on a girl name, my Mom wanted to name me Alex, my Dad said he WOULD NOT have a daughter named Alex. 
So, the day after I was born, my mom's younger sister, Hillary,came to visit in the hospital.  My mom said "Well, what about Hillary?" with my aunt in the room mind you, and my Dad said "Yeah, sure that's a great name."  And that was that.  Although growing up I was mostly referred to by a nickname.  In addition to being named after my aunt I was also named after my Grandmother for my middle name.

5. When you buy new clothes, do you wash before wearing?  Not usually, depends on the smell of them.  Some new clothes smell pretty bad, others just smell clean.

6. If you didn't blog, what would you do with your spare time?  Like I have spare time to even blog!!!

7. What is your favorite department store? Macy's

8. If you were to get Laser Hair Removal..where would you get it?  Without question my under arms!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Computers,Milk, School, Blog and stuff

That title about sums up the last few weeks!!!

First Computers & Milk...............they do not go well together!!!

Let me explain............
Hubby left a glass of milk on the computer desk while he went to answer the door.

This adorable (not so Little) hound decided to jump up on the computer desk............


(not actual picture, but you get the idea!)

This left us with a non-functioning computer for about 2 weeks while we tried to figure out a solution without having funds to purchase a new computer.

Our solution.......take a functioning keyboard from a non-functioning computer and put it with our working computer and remove our non-functioning keyboard.  And wala here I am, back in bloggy world with just a minor hiccup!

We have continued our summer homeschool program and are getting geared up for the new school year to start.  The kids go back August 23, while I start classes August 16.

We are in Back-to-School shopping mode and each of the kids so far has gotten 2 new outfits, the Princess got a new bacPac and lunch box, while the older three got new shoes.  I am only shopping sale racks and I told the kids we would do a few shopping trips to get a few more clothing items plus the basic school supplies needed.

After nearly two weeks without computer access, I logged on today to discover my blog background had disappeared!!!!!!  Apparently Cutiest Blog on the Block has deleted the template I used!  GRRRRRRR!!!!!!
So I am left having to make some unplanned-for changes around here.  I shouldn't complain though...the templates ARE FREE and it's good to change things up every so often!!!


My Boy has started football for the 2010 season
Go PINTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These cutie patuties are getting ready for another year of dance!
(This photo was taken their first year!....2 years ago!!)

This SweetPea is starting Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!