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Saturday, July 27, 2013

I did it!!

I did it!!  Phase one of my 4 phase goal has been completed!!!  I am the official holder of an Associate in Arts Degree for both History and Liberal Studies!!  I am so beyond proud of my self for accomplishing this phase of my goal to becoming a teacher!!

I will officially begin Phase Two of my goal on August 20th when I head to Sonoma State University for my first day of classes as a college Junior.

It has been a very interesting and rewarding journey as an adult college student and I feel I have grown leaps and bounds as a person.  

I am so very excited to begin classes in August at the University I can hardly stand it!!  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Americas Cup San Francisco

Last week my kids and I went into San Francisco for a day at Alcatraz with my Mother-in-Law.  As most of the world know's the America's Cup races are taking place in the San Francisco Bay this summer.

While we were on the ferry heading to Alcatraz Island, we were lucky enough to see the Oracle American boat up close.

I was absolutely amazed at how big these boats actually are!!  They are ENORMOUS!! 
It was amazing to watch the crew scramble around the boat in perfect harmony!  An incredible sight to see first hand!!

Good Luck America!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

5QF Post

Visit Five Crooked Halos to join the fun.

1. What is one thing you have too many of in your house?
I really seem to have too much of everything!! Although currently I would have to say towels.  

I know, your thinking "Towels?"

It seems my towels have procreating lately, because I tell you....I can not go into ANY room of my house and find any less then 3 towels....usually balled up and wet on the floor!!! GRRRR!!!

The really funny thing about this is.......there NEVER seems to be a towel when I need to take a shower!!!!

2. Did anything go not quite as planned on your wedding day?

Yes, but only I and one of my bridesmaid knew of the issue.  

I had requested a particular DJ for my wedding, the same DJ that had been at said bridesmaids wedding just two months before.

When my new hubby and I arrived for our reception we were greeted by a DJ I had not requested, and who I did not particularly care for!!  

However, I did not allow the DJ debacle to ruin my day, I was waaaaayy to happy!!!

3. What is your favorite summer smoothie recipe?

I'm not really a fan of smoothies...................brain freeze people!!

But, on the rare occasion I do have one it usually strawberry.

4. What is the weather like where you are?

Well, we have been having not so pleasant heat waves on and off for weeks now. Today it's expected to reach high 80's, which is about 20 degrees cooler than it has been.

5. What is your favorite book to read to your kids?

I love reading them the Magic Tree House books. We love the adventures and I love the history they teach the kids.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Join the fun oved at Five Crooked Halos

1. Would you rather pay for house cleaner or spa day?

While I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good massage, I can say handsdown I would rather pay for a house cleaner!!!! I HATE HATE HATE cleaning and to have someone else do it for me would be better than any spa day!

2. Who plans what gifts you get for holidays, you or your spouse?

If we are talking about the gifts we give our kids, that's 100% me. If your talking about gifts Hubby gets for me, then I would say the breakdown is 50% me (I'm really good a giving LOTS of hints!), 40% our kids (They are really good at remembering my hints!) and 10% Hubby (he drives to the store and pays for it!).

3. How many hours of sleep do you get? Do you need more?

A LOT!!!! I go to bed about 11 each night and if I can wake on my own it's about 10am. Occassionally I will take a nap in the early afternoon if I had a restless nights sleep, and my naps are usually about an hour.

4. Do you like your hair long or short?

Honestly, I don't really have a prefference. I have had my hair really long (butt-lenght) and I've had a short bob and every length in between. Currently my hair is just below my shoulders. I have an appointment for a cut/color next week and I'm thinking about going to a long bob, just above my shoulders. I guess it all depends on where I am at in my personal style of the moment.

5. When was the last time you were pulled over and what was it for?

Hmmmmm, I think it was about two years ago. My registration was expired by about 2 months...OOPS!! Thankfully the officer was really nice and gave me a warning and said to get it done ASAP and let me go on my way. :-)