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Our Royal Family

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The Countessa
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Princess........Looking back....

The Princess on her first day of her final year of preschool.
August 2009

She was so excited to be one of the "Big" kids at her preschool.

Her first day of Kindergarten
August 2010

This day was sad for me, but exciting for her.
I was sad to be sending my baby off to "Big Kid" school and she couldn't wait to start!

They grow up so darn fast!  Can't she stay little forever!!??

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Duchess...............A look back

The Duchess on her first day of Kindergarten
August 2008

She could not wait for this day to arrive!! 
She was so eager to go she was ready before anyone else that morning.

Her first day of 1st Grade
August 2009

As you can tell by her smile, this child LOVES school!!!
Not to mention she was incredible proud of her lost tooth she lost just a few days before!

Her first day of 2nd Grade
August 2010

She continues to LOVE school and all things learning related.
She can't wait to do homework each day and her favorite thing to play.........

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Countessa...........Through the Years

The Countessa and My BOy on thier first day of kindergarten.
August 2007

WHat this photo doesn't show
is that for two weeks following this photo
The Countessa SCREAMED
every day I dropped her off at school.  It was a nightmare!

Her first day of 1st Grade.
August 2008

As you can see by her expression, she was not the least bit excited for this day to arrive!
She held it together though, I was very proud of her.

The first day of 2nd Grade
August 2009

Her self-confidence is starting to blossom and really shows here.
She was so excited to head off to school this morning.

The first day of 3rd Grade
August 2010

Her self-confidence continues to blossom. 
She loves school, loves her teacher and has lots of friends.
THe only things she doesn't like about school is buying lunch and homework.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Boy......Through the years

This is the first in a series of post I'll be doing reflecting on the
changes my kiddos have made over the past few years.
A little of Mommy reminising if you will.

My Boy and The Countessa on their first day of Kindergarten.
August 2007.

They were both so excited for this day and a little nervous. 
Unfortunatly later that night he fell and ended up needing 3 stitches in his forhead!
What a way to start of his school experience!

My Boy on his first day of 1st Grade.
August 2008

He was so eager for school that year.
Seeing friends he hadn't seen all summer and making new ones.

His first day of 2nd Grade
August 2009

His cockyness is starting to show..........is that good or bad?????

First day of 3rd Grade
August 2010

He's toocool for school now! 
Getting this one shot of him took nearly 10 minutes and he REFUSED to remove the hat!
I couldn't even get him to give me a real smile! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kids Binders

Binders are wonderful storage tools and I use them ALOT!! Here are a few of my Kid Binders.

I have a binder for each child to hold all the certificates and awards they earn. These include attendance awards, spelling awards, sports ribbons ect.

Then I have my Kids Craft Binder. This is for all those little activities I come across to try with the kids.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Boys of Fall

The last four weekends we have been devoted to football.  My Boy, who was a Corner Back last fall and for the past three weeks is now a Middle LInebacker.  This causes a bit more anxiety on my part.

My Boy weighs 60lbs, this makes him one of the three lightest kids on his team of 36 players.
He was in the Corner Back position becxause he is fast, however his head coach felt he was being wasted in that position because he is such a strong agressive player.

This translate into he see's ALOT more action as a Middle Linebacker, which in turn causes me to wring my hands on the sidelines when he goes down on a tackle waiting to see if he gets up injured or unijured.

I was VERY proud of him on this Sundays game.  He DID get hurt, got the wind knocked out of him and twisted his elbow, but he got right up, shock it off and said he was good to go.

His team is 4 and 0.  So far two of the teams they have played this year were teams they lost to last year, so I'm sure you could imagine how happy the players are about that.

Here's to another great game played by
The Pintos!!!!!!
Go Green and Gold!!!!!!!!!!