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Our Royal Family

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The Countessa
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How are you doing your Holiday shopping? (Review coming soon!)

If your like me.........a home-body at heart, then you'll probably be doing alot of your holiday shopping online.

Recently I was told about CSNStores.com, which is an online retailer with over 200 stores to shop at.  I can find anything from furniture, like a counter stool to tools to shoes to baby gear.  In one sitting I can find something for everyone on my holiday shopping list!!

I have been given the opportunity to review an item of my choosing from any one of the CSNStore.com shops.  I have my eye on a few of the kitchen appliances. Although I'm in love with this super cute picture frame!  Oh, there is sooo much to choose from!!!  What's a girl to do!!??

Stay tuned to see what I ultimately choose to review!!!!  In the mean time go check CSNStores out!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Confession

A subject I have never discussed here on This, That & Everything is that my husband is a diehard hunter.  I have not discussed it because I am opposed to hunting, it's just not my thing.  My husband owns his own company and hunting allows him to forget all the headaches of work and enjoy some time out doors. 
He grew up in a hunting home and began hunting at nine years old.  When he and I began dating I knew right away how important hunting was to him.  I even went hunting with him a few times!!  Shocking consideing I'm not much of a nature girl!!
When we had kids, and long before we had them, I knew my children would grow up very aware of guns and hunting. 
Our Boy went on his first duck hunting trip just after his 3rd birthday.

This photo was taken on Sunday.  He finally fits into the wadders his Grandpa bought him 2 years ago!

He has a love of hunting that surpasses his Dads!!

I think it's a boys love of mud and dirt, personally!
Note the dirt on his lip, not to mention the mud caked on his glasses!!

He was very proud of his mohawk.
Please note the filthy hand!!!

From October to February this is how my boys spend their weekends!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Princess turns 6!!

The Princess, my baby, turned 6 last week!!

 It seems like just yesterday she looked like this!!
Where have the last six years gone??!!

We had a Barbie party this weekend with all of her friends from school.
11 little girls can be VERY loud!!!!!

We topped her party off with a surprise slumber party
with her two best friends.

They were three very happy little girls!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is the Countessa.

She has always been my shy reserved child....even a bit fearful of things she wasn't familair with.

She spent the first two weeks of kindergarten hiding behind the book case in the classroom refusing to speak to anyone.

She spent the first two weeks of 1st grade glued to her brother.

For the first two weeks of second grade she refused to leave my side before the morning bell rang.

For the first two weeks of 3rd grade she was a bit more adventerous.  She would venture off to play with friends in the morning before the first bell as long as I agreed to wait for her to go in class.

To my pride and amazement this child ran to the car after school yesterday with a smile bigger than any I've seen and announced she had been voted
3rd Grade Representative on Student Council!!!! 

I can not express how happy I am that my shy little girl has grown so unbeleivably confident in just the past few months. 

Congratulations Peanut!!!!!

Although, this now means mommy has to get her up and ready for school an hour earlier twice a month for Student Council meetings!!!!! 
Have I mentioned.....
The girl DOES NOT like to get up in the mornings!!!!!!